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Furniture for Retro Home Decor Ideas

ideasnice~March 29, 2016 /Home Decor

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Retro home décor become more popular nowadays. Many people want to have retro décor for their homes. Many kinds of retro home décor ideas also offered on websites. There are some ideas that maybe will you like to have on your home. You can just check on the websites then search by using keyword retro home décor then there will be many pictures about it. You can make those pictures as the example of your own home décor. There is also some retro furniture that you can use at your home to give more accents of retro. These are also some ideas to make retro furniture that you can use to design your home with retro style.

Retro Home Decor Ideas


Furniture for Retro Home Decor
Furniture for Retro Home Decor


Retro Home Decor

Interesting candles from funnels

Do you have non plastic funnel in old style? If you have it, you can make it as the place of the candle. This simple idea will give retro accent to your home. You just need to put upside down then enter little part of candle in it. If you have finished make it. You can put the candles funnels on your table. This will look great even though from very simple thing. You can also make it from the used funnels. You just need to clean it then it will become interesting retro furniture at your home.

Unique toilet paper storage

You can make retro and unique toilet paper storage from the used mailbox. If there is a mailbox that is not used again at your home, you can repurpose it as toilet paper storage. This is a very unique idea but will extremely look good and of course retro at your bathroom. This is also a very easy thing that you can make it by yourself and you also do not need a long time to make it. You can only spend twenty minutes to make it.

Cute suitcase shelves

This is also a brilliant idea to repurpose of the suitcase. You can make some suitcase as vintage shelves at your home. What you need to make it are some different colors of suitcase then you can take the front part of the suitcase. After that you can put them on your wall. Make the arrangement of those suitcases well so it will look good.

Actually there is some other vintage furniture that you can make by yourself and will look great at your home which has retro accent. But, those three things are the simple furniture of retro home décor.

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